Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cheeky Monkey Brunch

Oh, man. Seems I've found myself on a bit of a blogging sabbatical (again). Please bear with me as I use these next few posts to catch up...For what it's worth, I have tried a number of new restaurants recently. I've just gotten a little caught up in other things (like my new obsession with yoga at Corepower). Regardless, I'm (again) going to renew my commitment to blogging with more regularity, starting now :)

My last brunch visit with the girls was to Cheeky Monkey Deli on Selby Avenue in Saint Paul. For those who haven't been, the Cheeky Monkey - part deli, part full-service restaurant - took over the former Zander space in the Selby-Dale neighborhood.
We went on an early Sunday afternoon and sat in the dining area, which was both brightly lit and cozy at the same time. The atmosphere was relaxing and low-key, and the staff was very pleasant.

My favorite part about brunch came right at the beginning: $1.50 mimosas.
I went with a traditional breakfast: The Homestead, which consists of two eggs, smoked bacon, hashbrowns and flax seed toast.
The breakfast was very good and served in just the right portion size to feel satisfied without leaving stuffed. It also wasn't drenched in grease (which can sometimes be a welcome change in pace for breakfast food). I most liked dipping my toast in the eggs, which were cooked just right. The hashbrowns also struck my fancy with their fluffy texture.

Overall, Cheeky Monkey is a great casual brunch spot - whether you're meeting up with girlfriends or taking the family out for breakfast. The prices are also hard to argue with.