Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Put Some New Shoes On, and Suddenly Everything's Right

I think I mentioned a while back that I have a bit of a shoe obsession. Sandals. Heels. Sneakers. Flats. I don't discriminate. I love 'em all. And for the last several months, I've been putting a lot of thought into my next pair of running shoes. Mind you, I'm not a hardcore runner (I like treadmills, I don't dream of my next 10-miler, and I actually have a 5K training app on my, not a marathon, a 5K). Even so, I decided it was time to trade up my perfectly lovely yet very worn New Balance tennies for something that packs a little more punch.

And after a few months of non-commital browsing, I accidentally landed at the Nike store in the Mall of America one evening and decided right then and there, I would be making a purchase. Thanks to the very helpful and friendly sales staff (and even more helpful work friends), I found the perfect pair in almost no time.

Friends, please meet the newest addition to my shoe family: the LunarGlide 2 (of the Lunar series).

I think they might just be the cutest pair of tennis shoes I've ever had. And, to be honest, I was actually a little afraid to test them out and break them in, for fear of ruining them right away. But I got over that, and have worn them to the gym three times now (not sure that we'll be making it outdoors any time soon though).

And I've already moved on to daydreaming about new shoes, like:
Eclipse II for $65 (

Lacie for $39.95 (

Greta for $198 (

Kenneth Cole Reaction Lady Slip Flats on sale for $51.75 (

Born Shoes, Smooch Flat Sandals for $85 (
I think the J Crew pair might be a bit out of my price range, but the others might be realistic options. Recommendations? :)

And I'll leave you with these final thoughts for the day...

 I keep filling my apartment with flowers in hopes that spring will finally arrive in Minnesota...


  1. Oh, my Gassie. I entertained the idea of getting the very same ones from Shoedazzle this month. Alas, I made no purchases.

  2. Very cute. I always buy Nike tennis shoes, but in truth I have found in my advanced years that Privo by Clark shoes are my dream shoe. They are cuter than a tennis shoe and I can hike around Michigan, tromp all over Disney and shop till I drop and my feet and legs don't hurt afterwards. I can't do high heels anymore, after about an hour...I can't walk. I'm loving those yellow flats!

  3. Cool new kicks, Angie! You know I could totally relate to your line, "And, to be honest, I was actually a little afraid to test them out and break them in, for fear of ruining them right away." :) Good for you in overcoming that fear.

  4. Sue - I'm thinking I might end up having to treat myself to the yellow flats :) I fear I'm not too far off from finding my own perfect practical/comfort shoe...which truly pains me, because I've always cared way more about cute than comfort.

    Kara - I knew you would relate! In fact, I thought about you each time I put the shoes back in the box instead of taking them to the gym with me. I felt a little bit of an 'I told you so' moment ;)