Sunday, December 27, 2009

Roller Derby and The Liffey

I have been waiting for months for my first Roller Derby experience (and not because of "Whip It" because I haven't even seen that yet). All the waiting came to an end last Saturday when we traveled to Roy Wilkins Auditorium in Saint Paul to watch the Minnesota RollerGirls take on the Sioux Falls Rollerdollz.
We were lucky enough to score trackside tickets for $13 (somehow...even though they were sold out), and even managed to find amazing spots along the track right where the teams enter/exit. Below is a photo from the first mashup between the home teams: the Superheroes and the Supervillians.
Here the MNRG All-Stars being introduced at the start of the main bout.
The Sioux Falls Rollerdollz at the start.
I affectionately referred to Dropkick Donna as my favorite of the refs, because she stood by us most of the time and had a cool name.
Some action shots...

A band playing during halftime...
My favorite of the players, L'exi Cuter, during one of her many turns as lead jammer for the MNRG...
I must say that my first trip to the Roller Derby certainly was memorable. Once I began to understand the 'bout,' 'jammer,' 'blocker' jargon and how the game works, I was cheering like I'd been a fan for years. As the MNRG All-Stars crushed the Sioux Falls Rollerdollz 180-44, it hit me that I may have found a Minnesota sports team to cheer for that won't disappoint me.

Before the bout, we stopped at The Liffey for dinner and drinks.
I had the fish and chips. Delicious.


  1. Thanks for this. Modern derby is a real phenomenon -- so much fun to watch. Hope you go back again. You're lucky to have the Roy there in the Twin Cities. It just won as best derby venue in the 2009 readers poll at Derby News Network. I wish the Philly area leagues had venues like that.

  2. Thanks for your great comments about our December bout! We love new fans!

    Miss Fire #581, MN RollerGirls

  3. Thanks for the kind words! :) Hope you can come to one of our home season bouts...they're alot of fun! Check out for the schedule...

    p.s. The Liffey also has amazing Reubens!

    -Dropkick Donna

  4. Jon - thanks for the intel on the Roy Wilkins' top derby venue honor. Just another reason to love MSP.

    Miss Fire and Dropkick Donna - Thanks for the great experience. I definitely had fun and will be back. :)