Monday, March 8, 2010

Dinner at Amazing Thailand

We celebrated a friend's birthday at Amazing Thailand in Uptown a couple of weekends ago. I like to think of myself as a local Thai restaurant expert of sorts, so my first visit was probably long overdue.
I was impressed with the restaurant's decor and the spacious layout that easily accommodated our large group. I'm also easily amused by lights that change color (like the blue ones above).
To drink, I went with The Phuket (go ahead, say it out know you want to...actually, and not surprisingly, that's not how it's pronounced). Regardless, it was tall, bright blue and divine.
My roommates and I opted to share the cream cheese won tons (yum!).
And the spring rolls, minus chicken (eh...they were fine).
I went with shrimp Pad Thai for the main course. I usually go with chicken, but being a Friday during Lent, I found myself with shrimp for the very first time. While the shrimp were large and delicious, it was a slight nuisance to have to pick them out and remove the tails. I also could have done without the tofu. O-well. Overall, I thought the Pad Thai was decent, and I'd definitely try it again. Perhaps a B on my spotty yet oh-so influential made-up rating scale.


  1. We just got a new Thai restaurant here. I don't know much about Thai food, other than Pad Thai...which I get with Tofu. I thought the prices here (I picked up a menu) were a bit high for food I didn't know about. My husband has no interest in it at, time will tell.

  2. I still love Amazing Thailand. Also, you're right about the annoyance of having to pick the tails off of the shrimp, but I have noticed as of late that it's sort of an Asian way of including shrimp in noodle dishes. I frequent some Vietnamese places here in Cloud that also leave the tails on the shrimp. The only time I didn't have to pull them off was when the shrimp were in a soup (and even then, I feel that I actually recall having to pull the tails off in some pho soups).