Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Want...

I had the most perfect pair of gladiator sandals last year that went with almost everything...from jeans to dress pants. Well, they broke at the start of this season, crushing my little heart. Now I'm on the hunt for the most perfect replacement. What to do? 
Romaa on sale for $55.97 (
*So far, this is the closest I've found to my old pair
Ecote Macramé Strappy Mini Wedge Sandal for $34.00 (
Ecote Toehold Simple Gladiator Sandal for $34.00 (
Born Sora for $90.00 (

Xhiliration Thetis Strappy Sandal on sale for $7.98 (

Siestaa for $89.95 (

Part of me thinks that with the summer season about to quickly start coming to an end here in good ol' Minnesota, I should just snatch up the Target pair, especially considering that I may be completely over the gladiator style next summer. Decisions. Decisions. 

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  1. Well, I would buy the Borns because I have to have some support in my shoes in my old age. But, they are a little "old lady" looking for you I think. If I could pick any pair regardless of how they feel...I'd go with the turquoise, love those!