Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dinner at Masu

I definitely let way too much time pass before sharing this treasure. Hopefully, I can still do it justice :) I had my first Masu Sushi & Robata (NE Minneapolis) experience with some of my favorite colleagues last month, and all I can say is that this definitely shouldn't have been my first time. It's fantastic.

From the very start with some of my favorite restaurant decor to-date...

(Seriously, aren't these guys sweet-looking?!)

To a spread that was overwhelmingly good. I kicked it all off with a fancy martini, called "Alive with Pleasure." It's a sparkling yuzu ginger gin martini with cherry pimms. Pleasure indeed. I'm not a major gin fan, but that didn't stop me from savoring every last sip.

And, of course, we had snacks all around. The required edamame (look at those salt crystals!).

The ah-mazing beef jerky. It's no joke when I say I would come back just for this. Tender. Chewy. Flavorful. Goodness.

Potstickers. Again, basically required.

Pork belly steam buns. With Masu pickles and hoisin.

Crispy pork kara-age with a sesame soy dipping sauce.

Oh, and even bacon-wrapped quail eggs. One of my more adventurous friends convinced me to try one of these. In all sincerity, it really wasn't that bad. Highlight of dinner? No. Would I eat it again? Sure.

After all the delicious small plates we shared, I almost couldn't imagine digging in for more. But that thought really only lasted a hot minute...before I knew it, my pork belly ramen was staring right up at me. Ramen noodles with pork belly, slow-roasted pork shoulder, a soft poached egg, fish cake and flavorful broth.

This isn't something I'd normally order, so I didn't really have strong expectations. I love that I tried something out of my norm. I love that I tried (though maybe didn't really love) fish cake. And I love that I got to eat it all with chopsticks.

So many times I say I want to go back to a place but then spend most of my time in search of something new. I think Masu's menu is diverse enough that it could feel like a new experience all over again next time. Plus, my sushi-loving friends would jump at it :)

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  1. Well you have finally hit on food items that are truly out of my element! I don't even know what most of these items are...but some look really good (others scare me a bit)! It looks like a fun place though!