Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Road Trip: Clear Lake, Iowa

As 2009 came to an end, my roommates, our friend and I found ourselves on a road trip to Clear Lake, Iowa (approximately two hours from MSP), to meet another friend who now lives out East and was home for the holidays.

For those of you who don't know, Clear Lake is home to a large lake, the plane crash site of Buddy Holly and a Culver's. The last of which is the reason we chose it as our meeting spot. Well, that, and because it marked the halfway point.

Some sights along the way (still in Minnesota)...

Officially across the border...

For lunch, we decided on Cancun, a Mexican restaurant offering creative decor and cheap, cheap eats. Nothing too exciting to report. My burrito was very filling.

After lunch, we toured the fine city with its quaint downtown and 13.6 miles of shoreline.

After the requisite stop for ice cream at Culver's, we turned around and began our journey back to Minnesota. Of course, there was a must-see attraction on the way home: Diamond Jo Casino in Northwood, Iowa.

The few times I had driven by Diamond Jo in the past, I was itching to stop but luck was never on my side. I was ecstatic when my friends agreed to humor me.

Something tells me Lady Gaga channeled Diamond Jo for some inspiration with "Poker Face."

Gold corn as door handles!

Just as I always imagined it...


  1. Oh my...that doesn't look like the Casinos I've been in...which is only 2, in Michigan. Casino...ice cream....good day!


  2. YOu're just so precious to me, Gassie ;)