Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Eat Street Fun: Pancho Villa

Eat Street (a stretch of Nicollet Avenue between Grant and 29th streets) is one of Minneapolis' top destinations for local foodies. A hub of ethnic and diverse restaurants - arguably some of the best in all of MSP - Eat Street is home to my favorite local Mexican establishment: Pancho Villa.
Always bustling, Pancho Villa offers patrons the best steal for Mexican cuisine around (read: overflowing plates of deliciousness for as little as $10), and - while nothing to write home about - the decor is authentic and even a bit charming. Some nights even offer live music from a mariachi band or karaoke.
And let's be honest, 2 for 1 margaritas are hard to beat (ALL DAY on some days, including Fridays!).
I had the chicken burrito and beef tostada with rice and pinto beans. I don't love beans, but I generally love or really enjoy everything else that I have at Pancho Villa. The bursting burrito and cheese and sour-creamed topped tostada were no exception.

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