Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Own Style: New Bag

In line with my 2011 commitment to blog more regularly, I figure I might also infuse a little more personality into some of my posts. While this blog will maintain its overall integrity as a reflection on my adventures in MSP, I'll also throw in a random mix of other topics (as evidenced already in my 26 books in 2011 area where I'm still seriously lacking, and the sporadic home improvement/travel/cooking posts). My reasoning is simple: I'm not insanely wealthy or cool enough to eat out/take in the city every night. This post falls within the random mix and may be something I write about from time to time.

I have a strong interest in style, though that's not to say I'm a stylish person. But, I do love accessories, most notably shoes (which I'll write about soon). Today, I'm just going to share a couple of photos of the new bag I've been carrying lately.

I stumbled across this bag just before Christmas when picking up gift cards at Express. I took an instant and keen liking to it, deciding I had to have it.

But then I just let it sit in my apartment and only finally started using it last week. At first, I wasn't crazy about the way it droops in the center (though that was one of the things that first attracted me to it in the store), but now it's growing on me more and more.

On a totally unrelated note: I've become completely obsessed with this song by Dessa:


  1. Oh, Gassie. It's just like you to buy a big ol' purse without first consulting one of us, but I'm glad you're enjoying it.

    Secondly, thanks for introducing me to Dessa. A local wonder.

  2. I love a big bag, but I have to have dividers in the middle. I carry my life around in my purse and I hate digging for things. Your bag is cute!