Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Want...

Every time the seasons change, I find myself craving an entirely new shoe wardrobe. And while I love my shoedazzle purchases (past and future), those aren't the shoes I daydream about. Nope, I spend my hours longing for high-end footwear that may never fit my budget. 

Let it be known that if money were no object, I'd be making these additions to the shoe collection this fall...all courtesy of

Transitioning back to heels, these sparkly Christian Louboutin pumps would be at the top of my list.
And these darling Tory Burch pumps with the chunky heel.
More sparkle from Miu Miu.
Or a lovely Tory Burch wedge.
Of course, let's not forget the flats. I could totally go for these Jimmy Choo's with the petal and lovely soft color.
Or these fancy silver ones from the Vera Wang Lavender Label.
Lately, I've become obsessed with wanting to own a pair of blue heels. Not sure why. But the color is continuously calling my name. I think these Louboutin's could do the trick.
Or maybe these from Alexandre Birman.
What pretty shoes. Sigh...


  1. You LOVE shoes with crap on the toes. I've been wanting a blue pair of shoes, too.

  2. Oh, hey there, BG. Yes, you're right. I love the bling on the toes. Have fun this week :)

  3. Loving the Christian Louboutin pumps! :)

  4. Me, too, Hannah. Me, too. If I start saving now, I may be able to have them in time for New Year's 2014 ;)