Friday, October 21, 2011

My Missoni for Target Heels

I know I'm late with this (anyone who cares about Target's collaborations with big name designers like Missoni - and anyone who's been in a Target store over the last month for that matter - knows about the limited edition Missoni for Target collection), but to be honest, I've been in a bit of a love-hate relationship with my new Missoni heels.

On the love side, I think they're absolutely adorable, and I was so psyched to find them on display at a local Target store the night before the collection officially released. Snatched them right up, I did. And then I wore them to an event in NYC two days later, where they were just as cute on my feet.

Fast forward two weeks and I decide to wear them to a party my friends and I were throwing. Unfortunately, I'm still recovering from the blisters on my two big toes. The even worse part is that I have no one to blame for it except myself. I should have known better than to wear a not-yet-broken-in pair of shoes to an event I was walking to (seven-plus blocks away in fact) and where I would be standing for six-ish hours. Of course, the weather was still so warm that I didn't even consider tights, so just my bare feet in those heels all night.

And now, here I am, trying to gear myself up for the third wearing of these darling shoes. They still lay under the bedside table where I last left them, wishing and hoping that I'll choose them one weekday morning. Maybe next week's the week...

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  1. I no longer wear heels unless I'm forced by the event. I did want to try the flats, but I never found them. I think this is the real downside of the "no pantyhose" trend. We used to be able to get used to our shoes more easily, but wearing them with bare feet so often, more blisters. What about tights?