Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On the Road Again: Hittin' the Strip

Last week marked my first trip to Sin City. I had always wanted to visit, but knew as soon as we landed that Vegas probably wasn't quite my scene. I think a 22-year-old me would have been in heaven, but this slightly older me has mellowed a bit.

As we looked out at the Strip from the plane, I was struck by how much smaller it looked than what I had imagined. That impression quickly dissipated, however, when we actually stepped foot on the Strip.

As a lover of all things flashy, I was giddy with excitement when we began looking at all of the lit up hotels. Even the "snappers" with their cards couldn't get me down (although, I was admittedly nervous that one of the cards scattered across the sidewalk was going to attach itself to my shoe).

My favorite part of the Strip was...of course...New York, New York. It made me long for a return visit to the wondrous Big Apple.
Taking it all in...

Another highlight was watching the water show outside the Bellagio. Even if it was choreographed to Celine Dion. Thankfully, it wasn't "My Heart Will Go On."

We stayed at the Las Vegas Hilton, apparently the largest Hilton in the world. Here's a view from my room.
And here's a shot of Barry Manilow at night.
I found Las Vegas to be a city of extremes: both good and bad. What suprised me was how upscale parts of the city are. The hotels were the largest I had ever seen and most were filled with designer stores and swanky restaurants.

We enjoyed some delightfully delicious meals and amazing cocktails. More to come from my favorite restaurant during the trip.

By the way, no Tuesday Night Dinner at Home entry this week. My darling roommate had Italian sausage and spaghetti waiting for me when I got home tonight.

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  1. I haven't been. We tend to stick to the Eastern part of the country...north and south. I really hope to make a trip out west one of these days and take it all in. I think the food appeals to me the most, and the shops in the hotels. I can't wait to read about your favorite restaurant.