Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vikings Mania: Billy's on Grand

Confession: I'm not really a professional football fan. In fact, I haven't really thought much of football since high school (when you're from a small town, everyone is a high school football fan - it's your entire Friday night social calendar through fall). I'm much more into professional basketball...although even that has fallen to the wayside since KG left Minnesota.

So, while I'm not really into football, I am into hanging out with friends - which means Monday night found me at Billy's in Saint Paul partaking in the Vikings vs. Packers festivities.
The few times I've actually eaten at Billy's over the years, I've always been impressed by the menu. A good range of options, reasonable prices and rather tasty. Last night I went straight for your stereotypical bar food ordering the Billy the Kid 1/4-pound burger with cheddar and substituting waffle fries in place of the chips (if you're going with the burger, why not go all the way?!).
It may have been my first-ever burger without lettuce and tomato. I sometimes forget that lettuce and tomato aren't standard accoutrement at all dining establishments. Needless to say, I greatly missed both. Otherwise, the burger itself was pretty good. So were the fries, although they too would have been better with the seasoned sour cream sometimes offered at other restaurants. Overall, I'd say Billy's is just like I remembered it: tasty but missing a few pieces of flair.

Here's proof positive that I actually watched a few plays of the game (props to the NFL for all the pink on the field in support of breast cancer). Oh, and since you're not likely to find me rambling on about sports again in the near future, congrats to the Twins.
P.S. Did you know waffle fries have their own Facebook fan page? It's true: http://www.facebook.com/wafflefries. 46,357 fans and counting.

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  1. Hmm...wonder if there is a fan page for chocolate?

    I'm only a sports fan when I'm actually at a game and then it is more about people watching and food:)