Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Hour at Beaujo's

After work on Friday, I went to Beaujo's Wine Bar & Bistro on 50th & France in Edina with a few colleagues for wine and appetizers. I'd heard that it was a perfect after-work spot and was looking forward to my first visit.

Having beat the dinner rush, we found a great table situated near the front of the restaurant. I was grateful for our early arrival since not long after, lines started forming at the door and were still there when we left nearly two hours later. In terms of service, I would say that it fell somewhere in the middle. Our server was pleasant but not stellar and helpful but not speedy.

For drinks, I went with the Riesling (my standard white wine selection), which was quite enjoyable.
We shared the breads and spreads and flatbread pizza. My favorite of the spreads was the rosemary feta cheese, although I was also a pretty big fan of the baba ghanoush.
The pizza came with ham, grapes and onions as toppings...and was to die for. The grapes brought out a really unique flavor and were a surprisingly wonderful addition.
My overall thought is that Beaujo's is a great little space in a perfect location. While our service was spotty and something that could be improved upon, the small plates were spot-on and the atmosphere was perfect for a relaxing, conversation-filled evening. I think next time I may have to give the steak salad a try.


  1. I love Beaujo's! I agree with you, though, that sometimes the service can be overly relaxed. Despite that, it's still a perfect spot for a low-key date or happy hour with a friend.

  2. Grapes on pizza? I would never have tried it...but think how great that would be with goat cheese, mmm. Sounds like fun!