Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Snail Mail: An Introspective

Things you learn when going through the mail for the first time in more than two months:
  • Your subscription to Vogue ran out because you sent in the renewal notice but never got around to actually sending in the check,
  • Your last DVD from Netflix came in late June (are you sure you really need to keep that delivery by mail option with the impending price hike?),
  • Your complimentary Newsweek subscription (thank you public radio membership) comes weekly and you have yet to read your first issue,
  • Sometimes good things come (like birthday rewards certificates) but they also come with expiration dates,
  • And somewhere around 80 percent of all mail received is junk mail (perhaps that's why you choose never to open it?).
Anyone have smart, easy tips for managing the ever-growing mail stack? Is going through it diligently each day truly the only way?


  1. As a mail-opening semi-freak, I have to say that your post makes me a little nervous. :)

  2. I am still seeking tips and best practices, KZ ;)

  3. Going through it each day might be the only way. I grab the mail pile & usually stand by the recycling bin to toss anything unnecessary. Then I transfer bills & things that need action to a basket that sits where I eat breakfast so I can't miss them - arranged in chronological order, of course. It's definitely an on-going battle. Good luck!

    Your meal in SD looks fantastic! I'd love to catch a meal with you soon!

  4. I can't imagine not going through the mail in that time period. When we get home from 2 weeks away, I have an entire tub waiting at the post office. Obviously I get more bills than you do!! I would be in real trouble if I waited that long to find/pay them!