Monday, November 16, 2009

Lunch at True Thai

This Saturday, my roommate and I chose True Thai on Franklin in Minneapolis as our lunchtime destination. True Thai is one of those restaurants that is so good, you can't help but visit more often than you probably should. However, after some pretty spotty service during our last few trips, I had all but written it off my list of faves. We decided to chance it this weekend though, placing a higher priority on delicious food than good service.
It was the first time I'd ever been to True Thai during the lunch hour. I was slightly surprised to see how family-friendly the restaurant was during the day - there were children at nearly every table. It was also a lot slower than it is at night (a good sign, I figured from a service standpoint).

True to form, however, it took a while for our server to greet us. In fact, I had to flag him down to let him know we were ready to order. Thankfully, that was the one and only minor glitch in our dining experience, and after he came over and apologized, he was extremely attentive for the rest of the meal.

We ordered the fresh Thai spring rolls, a must-get whenever we go out for Thai. The best thing about the spring rolls is that not five seconds after you place your order, they're at the table. The shrimp were large and fantastic, and the peanut sauce was simply divine.
For the entree, I chose "The Ultimate Pad Thai" with chicken, my favorite dish at True Thai. As usual, it was phenomenal. Just looking at the picture has me craving it all over again.
I'd give this visit an A- on the rating scale. It's far and away the best value for Thai food in MSP - borderline cheap for the caliber of food offered. The only thing that could make True Thai better is the service (despite a marked improvement this go-round, I still don't think you should ever have to flag down your server).

After lunch, we headed to the Mall of America for a quick visit. It's already Christmas-time in retail land.


  1. My fiance and I LOVE Thai food. I can't believe we haven't been to True Thai yet. The Pad Thai looks amazing. This is going on my list of "must-try" restaurants.

  2. You are making me drool. I love Pad Thai and rarely get to have it. I actually like peanut sauce on most anything:)

    You know I've never been the Mall of America. We've talked about it for years (since it opened) and just never found the right time to make the trip.


  3. Couldn't agree more - Thai food is simply amazing.

    Sue - you should definitely bring Hidden Treasures of the Midwest up to MSP for a visit :)