Thursday, April 29, 2010

Takeout from Broders Cucina

I'm fortunate to live near Broders Pasta Bar, which - as most MSP-ers know - is one of the best Italian restaurants in town. But for some reason, I hadn't yet visited Broders Cucina Italiana, the takeout/deli-style arm of the very popular SW Minneapolis restaurant.

This all changed one recent Saturday evening when I decided to stay in and watch a movie and couldn't motivate myself to cook dinner. So I set off for the cucina in search of some delicious Italian takeout.
The space was bright and filled with a handful of tables, most of which were occupied. There is a cafeteria-style line with a large menu board and people on-hand to take your order. The entrance is filled with tempting treasures, like chocolates, oils, noodles and sauces, to distract people waiting for their orders.
I selected the lasagna siciliana dinner with a side salad and bread from the takeout menu. All three of the items were quite delightful. The lasagna came in a good portion size with Italian sausage, egg noodles, tomato sauce and layers of cheese. The bread was soft, fluffy and well-seasoned, and the salad came with croutons and Caesar dressing.

Also note that I did allow myself to be tempted with one extra item...I couldn't resist a can of the San Pellegrino Limonata. Love that stuff.

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  1. I love places like that. I've really gotten lazy about eating in restaurants. I would really rather bring it home, or take it to my hotel room to eat. It is cheaper, faster and I'm always more comfortable!