Friday, May 28, 2010

The Bad Waitress: A Love Story

It seems I've fallen a bit in love with The Bad Waitress on Eat Street in Minneapolis. In fact, I found myself there twice in May alone. There's just something about the eclectic atmosphere, lively ambiance and organic-driven menu that brings me back again and again (despite its cheeky moniker that sometimes proves to be true).
The bright red walls are covered in super hero memorabilia and other kitschy items, and the retro booths give you the instant old school diner feel. And, in my experience, there's always a steady flow of people.
On my first visit, I ordered the $10 burger and beer special (Thursdays and so worth it!) - the Hollywood Burger and a Stella. The grass-fed beef burger came with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, avocado and mayo, as well as tortilla chips and salsa. I, of course, added cheese. I really enjoyed the burger. Cooked very well and piled high with vegetables, it was quite delicious. Plus, it's hard to go wrong with avocado on a burger. The chips and salsa were also very good.
My second visit was for lunch on a bustling Saturday afternoon, and I came armed with a "50% off your entire order" coupon from the Blue Sky Guide. I felt that warranted a the form of a root beer float. Recently and inexplicably, I've become obsessed with root beer. I hated it as a child, so I find this new addiction quite peculiar. Oddness aside, it was fantastic; so good that it was already gone by the time I received my food.
To eat, I had the Avocado, Turkey & Bacon sandwich on rosemary onion ciabatta with American fries. The sandwich came with lettuce, tomatoes, Dijon mustard, mayo and choice of cheese. Much like the burger, it was fabulous. And filling. I took half the sandwich home with me, which could have been partly due to my pre-meal root beer float indulgence. But who doesn't like to start with dessert every once in a while? :)

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